The intended beneficiaries of tadag include:

Kids for Cash UK

Kids for Cash UK is focused on protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and care systems. K4CUK is already involved in the criminal investigation of a number of high profile cases where there have been systemic service failures and we are communicating these failings to the highest levels of government. We focus on deep investigation to expose criminality and to deliver fully documented case studies, whilst demonstrating to government exactly what needs to be done to rectify the appalling on-going abuse of children.

Elvaston Castle

The Friends of Elvaston supports the creation of a community social enterprise, under the terms of the Localism Bill and Big Society principles, whereby commercial ideas are embraced within a charitable framework and then implemented to provide financial solutions to the enterprise, with all profits being returned to the project. This is an adventurous and exciting opportunity for the entire community to contribute to the renaissance of Elvaston Castle Country Park, including every stakeholder and we believe that input from all parties will be an essential part of this new way forward.

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